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Royal smart film can be applied to both new or old smooth glass surfaces.

Established in 2016, Royal Tint is the exclusive importer of smart PDLC film in India.

PDLC film is a distinctive product in itself. With hard work and persistence, we have managed to successfully deliver client satisfaction and established an empire throughout India with our franchisees in the cities of New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Jabalpur, Rajkot, and Ahmedabad.We provide services in installing smart switchable glass films on Cars, Restaurants, Hotels,

Bungalows, Apartments, Corporate offices.Switchable smart glass privacy film or smart film switchable is perfect for glass surfaces, they are used to control the quantity of light entering a room. They become transparent when powered on and opaque when powered off, giving you the total control over your privacy.

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We provide energy-efficient technology with switchable smart glass films. It combines liquid crystal materials with polymers, creating a new generation tech solution for glass displays. The films turn transparent when power is on and opaque when power is off. It is amongst the most simple yet fascinating technology that allows you the perfectcontrol over your privacy and over the amount of light that enters in an area. The glass films also comes with soundproof feature.Flexible application and design Provides confidentiality and protection for doors/ windows on both the interior and exterior Offers 100% privacy and control over daylight entering the vicinity Transparent when switched on, opaque when switched off

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Royal Tint was established in 2016, We only importer best quality product in India. Also supply Smart Film & Smart Glass overseas market. Below 2% complain ratio for our quality product. Own professional cutting machine and EVA lamination machine.

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