Paint Protection

Paint Protection Film

Our Paint Protection Film is your best bet to preserving the new-look of your vehicle. This is an invisible film that keeps your vehicle looking new for a long period. The film doesn't interfere with any design or features or color of the vehicle. It protects the high-risk areas like hoods, side mirrors, front bumpers, door handle cavities, door edges, rocker panels, and rear fender panels. The Paint Protection Film will not only preserve the new look of your vehicle but will also ensure a higher resale value of the vehicle in the future.

Don’t fear about chips, scratches, rocks, sand and salt on Indian Roads.

Love driving but afraid of the wild roads of India? The fear of getting your new car damaged is horrifying and as a solution, we suggest adding a layer of our RoyalTint car paint protection film. After the application of this barely visible film, the only thing you will have to worry about is following traffic rules.

We provide two different protection films. Whichever you choose according to your requirements- Paint Protection Film for durability and Platinum Protection for advanced armor is sure to satisfy your needs.

Benefits of Apply Paint Protection Film to Your Vehicle

Virtual invisibility is just one of this durable film’s many super powers
Smart Film

Every Day Care for Road Damage

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Self-Repair Technology

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Resistance to Stains

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Surface Durability

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Satisfaction with Warranty

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Clear & Smooth Finishing

Choose your match in road damage protection

paint protaction Film

Paint Protection Film

Extend the life of your flawless paint finish for many miles with RoyalTint TPH Paint Protection Film’s clear, self-healing shield. Limited 2-year manufacturer's warranty included.


TPH Thickness 150±5 μm
Total Thickness 260±15 μm
TPH Raw Material Brand MaTai(Japan)
Gum Ashland (USA)
Release film Double matte release film
Tensile property 100kg/cm²
Elongation 200%
Glossiness >94%
paint protection Film

Premium Paint Protection Film

Be a perfectionist with RoyalTint TPU Premium Paint Protection. This hard-wearing film is advanced armor that defends against road damage. Limited 7-year manufacturer's warranty included.


TPU Thickness 190±15µm μm
Total Thickness 267±15µm μm
TPH Raw Material Brand MaTai(Japan)
Gum Ashland (USA)
Release film high glossy release film
Tensile property 250kg/cm²
Elongation 550%
Glossiness >94%