• Rear Projection Film is a paper-thin, highly-complexed screen material used for projection of video on glass surfaces. Our rigid projection screen is made in a complicated manner wtih focus on great detail. It is made into a material that applies pretty much the same way as any window tint product. The film has a water-activated adhesive base, it can be applied to any smooth glass surface. It gives one the power of turning the most basic shop windows into hypnotic digital displays.


  • White Prjection Film can be used on any smooth, clear surface for HD prjection clarity of images and videos.
  • This projection film is compatible with any projector.
  • This intelligent, self adhesive proejection film can be used to turn any smooth, flat surface into an ideal screen for projection of high quality images as well as videos.
  • White projection film acts as an opaque screen which is ideal for presentations in offices, schools, business meetings, etc.
  • The whtie projection film adds sophisticated brightness to image quality.
  • The film gives best results when combined with anti-glare film and used in environment of controlled light density.


  • Grey Projection Film is perfect to use on any clear, smooth screen/ surface like glass, plexiglass or acrylic. It delivers a high-quality image display.
  • Allows you to position rear projection screens in any lighting available and still delivers the highest quality image display. It is compatible with almost all projectors so you don't need to buy any other.
  • The film is used along with an anti-glare film which allows it to be placed in highly lighted areas or even direct sunlight. It is the most effective and dynamic rear projection system available at present.
  • Accent gives best results when used in places where you can control the light density. It can also be used easily on tinted glass and window surfaces. When you combine the right projection system with Projection Film's ultra-bright images, you will get high-quality contrast images which normal projection films do not deliver.
  • Ultra-bright rear projection film can be used for project and presentation purposes. Whit Projection Film produces high definition projections and generates bright light. Can be used with all kinds of projectors.


  • This is the latest addition in rear film technology which gives you the deepest HD images along with considerably wider images when compared with other films.
  • The film blocks the passing of any light from either side of it and due to this property, it produces highly sophisticated and rich color on the screen. Results in an image quality that can stand tests of any lighting conditions. Purchase this black projection film by the cut size in standard 16:9 aspect ratio, or by the roll.


  • Any clean surface like glass, plexiglass or acrylic can be used to apply this screen. It produces a distinctive floating-image display on the screen. Next-generation look can be bought to any content with the use of this Transparent projection film. A holographic look to either motion videos or images is added to your screen creating an enchanting quality of content.
  • Controlled lighting conditions are best suited to use Transparent projection films. Intrigue projection film, a top seller for years from our products offers an added hypnotic appeal to your display.

  • Each of our Read Projection Films has got distinctive characters and come in various types. For high-quality deep contrast images, Definition rear projection film and Definition Pro rear Projection films even if used in uncontrolled light conditions like direct sunlight.
  • White projection film adds extra sophisticated brightness to indoor image displays. Some of our high- priority happy customers who are fully satisfied with the white projection film are Bare Essentials, Estée Lauder and many more. They have used this film to make their interiors hypnotizing with highly sophisticated and stunning digital displays that actively capture potential buyer's attention. And we only have a single word for our Transparent projection film: intriguing. It has been used for years now by some of our high-priority retail clients like De Beers Jewellery Stores and Microsoft Stores, to create a unique, never seen before holographic glass displays in their respective establishments.