RoyalTint creates intelligent films by exclusive liquid film technology. The Smart Film can be turned on to become transparent and off to become opaque. The technology also creates films that allow complete confidentiality. They are also perfect for showroom use as they are projectable and soundproof. Provides an ideal film which doesn't take extra space and can be used for displaying presentations in meetings, screenings, advertisements, etc.

Optical Performance
Parallel Light Transmission (On) (Off) >84%; <=1%:
Visible Light Transmission (On) (Off) >80%: <=50%;
Viewing angle >=140:
Turbidity < 6%:
Switching Speed < 10ms;
UV Block >=98%
Infra Block >98%
  • Our team is comprised of extremely skilled and highly experienced people
  • The films have a long life and are of durable quality
  • They provide maximum protection from UV and IR.

The new generation of technology creates Polymer- Dispersed Liquid Crystal films by combining polymers and liquid crystal substance to create a unique base film.

PDLC technology allows you to turn the film from transparent to opaque with simple controls. Contrary to regular PDLC films, RoyatlTint PDLC films are made using innovative sponge construction that allows more flexibility in the application and design of the film.

Electrical Performance
Work Voltage
Input Output
AC220V; AC110V; DC24V; DC12V AC48V,AC60V-75V/50HZ;
Min Work Voltage < 25V;
Power Consumption >5W/M2 &>6W/M2;
Power Consumption
< 10ms; >20ms;
Constant ON >80000h;
Constant ON-OFF >2,00,000 times;
Work Frequency 30HZ~400HZ;
liquid crystals


When electricity is applied to the film via the wiring, the liquid crystals align and the window instantly becomes clear. When the power is turned off, the liquid crystals return to their normal scattered positions rendering the glass opaque.