Smart Switchable Glass Film is a distinctive, laminated glass comprised of one section of Switchable Transparent Film, two sections of interlayer and two sections of Glass. When no power is supplied, the liquid crystal droplets of the STF are in a random orientation that gives a unique opaque appearance to the film. When power is supplied, the crystals align parallel to the electric field and allows light to pass through, giving a transparent look to the film.

Smart Glass
Physical Properties
Working enviroment temperature -20~ + 60;
Strong ambient temperature -30~ + 70;
Size Specification 1800mm-4000mm Width 1800*4000mm
Thickness Glass Thickness * 4+4 mm, 5+5 mm, 6+6mm and higher
Scratches < 3mm/m2
- < 1.5mm/m2
Inclusion (None)
Glue Failure, Degumming, Burst (None)
Optical Performance
Parallel Light Transmission (On) (Off) >84%; <=1%:
Visible Light Transmission (On) (Off) >80%: <=50%;
Viewing angle >=140:
Turbidity < 6%:
Switching Speed < 10ms;
UV Block >=98%
Infra Block >98%
Smart Glass
  • Highest Clarity films in the Industry
  • Unmatched UV protection guaranteed (98%+)
  • Helps you save on heating and cooling system costs by providing control over sunlight entry

Smart Privacy Glass Film allows you total control over privacy without compromising light transmission. With the help of simple commands of ON and OFF, you can turn the film transparent to opaque and vice versa within a single second.

The technology used in Smart Privacy Glass film allows users to immediately switch from opaque to transparent. Users can directly attach it to a transparent surface with a sticky. Our Smart Films are used on glass windows, projection screens, and other smooth surfaces. Thanks to the hassle-free installation process, Smart Privacy Glass Film is gaining popularity in the market.

Electrical Performance
Work Voltage
Input Output
AC220V; AC110V; DC24V; DC12V AC48V,AC60V-75V/50HZ;
Min Work Voltage < 25V;
Power Consumption >5W/M2 &>6W/M2;
Power Consumption
< 10ms; >20ms;
Constant ON >80000h;
Constant ON-OFF >2,00,000 times;
Work Frequency 30HZ~400HZ;


When electricity is applied to the film via the wiring, the liquid crystals align and the window instantly becomes clear. When the power is turned off, the liquid crystals return to their normal scattered positions rendering the glass opaque.