Dechromic image


This effect is incorporated in films by using a simple yet unique process called micro-layer technology. The reflection of visible light creates a separation of prismatic colors and by the fluctuation of sunlight or simple light obstruction when people or objects block light. While specific prismatic color patterns are created by the light transported through the window, throughout the day inside buildings.

  • The Dynamic Effect makes the color relocate when viewed from different angles. This happens with the use of our RoyalTint Multi-layer optical film technology. The colors in transmission and the reflected colors are always different.
  • Applications - Can be applied to glass partition walls, shower door glass, shading fins, balustrades, exterior glass, artistic glass, and glass furniture.
  • The film offers maximum flexibility, you can cut it, bend it, pattern it or apply it with different glass types of interlayer adhesives.
Dechromic image

Light plays a major role in the intensity of colors being reflected by the film. Our basic films- Sunset, Magma, and Nightsky promisingly display colors of uncompromising quality. These films are highly useful to architects wanting to design eccentric projects.