Furniture Protection film material designed for bright, reflective, and fully transparent without changing the original color of the furniture.

This film prevents furniture surface scratches, damage. UV-proof, to prevent furniture fading, old.

Furniture protection film material is self-adhesive which is applied to remove the back protection layer.

You can use this film for any Glass, furniture, electric appliance, doors and windows, cabinets, tea tables, cars, marble, walls, and another smooth surface.

Benefits of Furniture & Marble Protection Films

  • Effectively increase the gloss of 30%.
  • Effectively prevent the corrosion of mosquitoes' salt and alkali acidic substances.
  • Effectively enjoy a low-carbon, energy-saving and environmentally friendly life.
  • Effectively protect your home from injury.
  • Effectively reduce the economic expenditure for future maintenance.
  • Effectively avoids the oxidation of cracks in paints that have long been lost in furniture.

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