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Anti-fog Film prevents for the condition of water in the form of small droplets on a surface that resembles fog. Fogging most commonly occurs when there is a temperature differential between the inside and outside of an enclosed atmosphere that time you can use this film on your glass surface or car mirror to view a clear picture.

The anti-fog film prevents the mirror produces fog, to prevent the formation of mist in the mirror above the fog. Due to super hydrophilic hard coating, water droplets can spread over quickly and no dew condensation.

anti fogg
Product Name Anti-fog Film
Color Transparent
Structure 3 layers
Raw material PET
Roll size 1.52*30m/roll
Application Bathroom mirror/building glass
Glue Acrylic transparent glue
Warranty(yrs) 2

The anti-Fog film is easy to apply while peeling off the clear backing sheet and stick to the mirror directly, This film applies to the bathroom mirror, vanity mirror, changing clothes mirror, glass windows, windshield windows, rear view mirror, fish tank, and other glass mirrors.