In the natural uncharged or power off stage, the PDLC droplets scatter randomly throughout the film but when charged or supplied electricity to, they align in parallel. This is known as electrochromic technology and due to this, the Smart Films become opaque when switched off and transparent when switched on.
It allows you 100% control on your privacy security. At installation, it does not use any extra space and is aesthetically pleasing to look at. It helps you with:
1.Saving energy via reduced AC usage.
2.Protection from UV and IR rays.
3.Privacy protection.
4.Low-cost maintenance.
5.Reduction in the presence of germs and bacteria.
6.Provides optical comfort.
Smart PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal )film is a product which is a kind of high-tech product can switch from transparent to opaque instaneously under electrictiy application. It is transparent when power on and it is opaque when power off. It can be regulated and adjusted the light transmittance pass through the film by electrictiy supply.
The film layer is made up of a layer of liquid crystal between two layers of polyethylene terephthalate conductive films.
Yes, we have.
Yes, we do. Customers can purchase self-adhesive smart films for well maintained, smooth glass surfaces. Their function is the same as Smart Screen, they are in film form and can be easily applied.
Yes, the colors we offer are- Milky white, Grey(light grey and dark grey), Black, Blue, Pink, Green. We can also produce films/ screens (in bulk) according to your color preferences, all you have to do is provide a color picture with a color card reference.
Smart PDLC Film adhesive type max-width:1.52m, max length:30m. Smart PDLC Film non-adhesive type max-width:1.82m, max length:30m. Sizes can be produced on request as well.
The essential part is the power transformer. We provide switch control, remote control, dimming control and other products.
PDLC films need power transformers to convert 220V/110V into 48v/65v to work.
Automotive sun and moon roofs, skylight controls, privacy windows for conference rooms, executive offices, tradeshow exhibits and command centers, bullet-proof security glass, hospital privacy/restriction of view, bank teller windows and automated teller security windows, special effects for the entertainment industry, ultra-modern residential and commercial blind applications, outdoor advertising and rear projection.
Self-adhesive glass film is used for existing glass surfaces, non-adhesive smart PDLC film is used to laminate smart glass.
Yes, they can be trimmed, however, we suggest you provide us with the exact measurements to avoid that.
Yes, they can be. But we suggest the best way to install and control the films is to do individually to avoid future failures.
No, PDLC films will adhere to any smooth glass surface regardless of its thickness.
The production depends on the size of the material, quantity ordered and destination for delivery. For expedited orders and authorized providers, we ship as early as 96 hours from payment. Which includes 24-hour quality control run time when each sheet arrives before shipment.
Windows and Skylights
When you choose Switchable windows i.e smart glass windows , you benefit on multiple fronts – you have the flexibility of doing away with curtains and other obstructions to your view and also the comfort of blocking heat and the glare when you need to, saving air conditioning costs during summer.
We provide the premium quality of Smart films/ screens in multiple glass types, shapes, sizes and colors. Our expert financial support team is also always devoted to helping architects, designers. Glazers, contractors and other users to design end-to-end solutions. And we have shortest lead times for fast delivery
This technology is called a polymer liquid crystal technology in combination with projection films we manufacture. The products we produce are of two types - switchable smart film and switchable smart glass. The Glass products we produce is from very fine liquid crystal polymer which changes its visual appearance when an electrical current is supplied. A simple on/off command transforms the glass from being transparent to opaque. When the glass is on it's opaque or frosted state, it can be used as a projection surface to create high definition display screens. Ask for different products like smart glass, smart film, mirror glass, interactive glass. And our project team will be glad to support you!
Smart films and switchable films have one of the highest clarity rates in the market. They are a popular choice because-
*incredibly energy efficient
*cut electrical usage cost through sunlight reduction
*we provide fast tech support and engineering
*multiple of our products can be joined to use in unison
Yes, It is considered a green product that consumes between 3 and 6 watts per meter squared. Can customers install Smart Film themselves?