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PDLC Technology In clear mode an electrical current is passed through the PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) interlayer which aligns the microscopic crystals along a number of parallel axes, thus allowing vision through the glass. When the power is switched off the liquid crystal molecules are randomly oriented scattering light and the our switchable Switchable Film becomes opaque (frosted, private). When the small electrical supply is switched on, the liquid crystal molecules align and incident light passes through and the our switchable Switchable Film instantly clears (transparent)
Immediate control of privacy. Improvement in users comfort, with greater security. Efficient use of space in building environments. Aesthetically attractive. Energy savings through reduced A/C cooling.
1.Low operating voltage.
2.UV protection. 3.Excellent contrast for rear projection purposes.
4.Protection from people viewing valuable items.
5.Exceptional optical qualities and reliable technology.
6.Lower cost of maintenance; reduction in germs and bacteria
Smart PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal )film is a product which is a kind of high-tech product can switch from transparent to opaque instaneously under electrictiy application. It is transparent when power on and it is opaque when power off. It can be regulated and adjusted the light transmittance pass through the film by electrictiy supply.
PDLC Film structure consists of a layer of liquid crystal sandwiched between two polyethylene terephthalate (PET) conductive films. In its rest state, it is a translucent white. When the electricity is switched on, the glass instantly changes to transparent
Yes, we have.
Smart Self-adhesive Film has a special adhesive film laminated on one side of the Switchable Film. It can be easily applied to an existing glass when a customer does not want to replace the glass. The basic function of Self-adhesive film is exactly same as Switchable Film and Smart Glass.
Now available colors: Milky white,Grey(light grey and dark grey),Black,Blue,Pink,Green. If request color, please send color picture and color card for reference,thenwe can produce color according to client’s request if large quantity.
What’s the maxmimum size available?
Smart PDLC Film adhesive type max width:1.52m, max length:30m.
Smart PDLC Film non adhesive type max width:1.82m, max length:30m.
Size can be made as request.
Necessary part:Power transformer ,
Available Control units: switch control, remote control ,dimming control and so on.
Smart PDLC Film working voltage:48V/65V, 50Hz, Building power supply Power:220V/110V,50Hz, so Smart PDLC Film need power transformer to converter 220V/110V into 48V/65V, make Smart PDLC Film work with power supply sucessfully.
Automotive sun and moon roofs, skylight controls, privacy windows for conference rooms, executive offices, tradeshow exhibits and command centers, bullet-proof security glass, hospital privacy/restriction of view, bank teller windows and automated teller security windows, special effects for the entertainment industry, ultra-modern residential and commercial blind applications, outdoor advertising and rear projection.
Self adhesive smart PDLC film is used for existing glass. Non adhesive smart PDLC Film is used for Smart glass laminated.
Yes you can trim however it is recommended that you provide accurate measurements . Our edges are laser laser straight and depending on the installation environment and the seams will leave no gaps. We recommend you use this as an advantage and to isolate sections of the window so they can be operated independently.
Yes, it can , series of sheets squre meter can be 30m2 with one power transformer .The best way to install and eliminate failure is to have each sheet independently controlled with its own dedicated line.
No, Smart PDLC Film self adhesive will adhere to any smooth surface .
This depends on Material size, total qty order and geographic delivery place. For expedited orders and authorized provider we can ship as fast as 96 hours from payment confirmation. This includes the 24 hours quality control run time each sheet receives prior to shipment.
Windows and Skylights
When you choose Switchable windows i.e smart glass windows , you benefit on multiple fronts – you have the flexibility of doing away with curtains and other obstructions to your view and also the comfort of blocking heat and the glare when you need to, saving air conditioning costs during summer.
Superior quality
Multiple glass types, shapes, sizes and colors supported
Expert fanatical support team devoted to helping Architects, Designers, Glazers, Contractors and end users to design end-to-end solutions.
Shortest lead times for fast delivery
This technology is called a polymer liquid crystal technology in combination with projection films we manufacture. The products we produce are two types of switchable switchable film and is also available as switchable smart glass. The Glass products we are using is from a very fine liquid crystal polymer which changes its visual appearance when a electrical current is activated. A simple on/off mode transforms the glass from being clear (transparent) to opaque. When the glass is in it’s opaque or frosted state, it can used as a projection surface to create high definition display screens. Ask for the different possibility’s like smart glass, switchable film, mirror glass, interactive glass. Our project team is glad to support you!
Switchable Film switchable film has the highest clarity rate in the business.
*Incredible energy savings from heat and cooling costs by through solar reduction.
*Remarkable rear projection image transfer with our Switchable Film
*Fantastic Tech support and engineering troubleshooting.
*Our Switchable Film allows for multiple pieces to be configured to operate in unison or independently.
*Variable controllers allow for the full range of light transmission.
Yes, It is considered a green product that consumes between 3 and 6 watts per meter squared. Can customers install Switchable Film themselves?