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Toughened Regular & Extra Clear Glass
Controlling the opacity from clear to translucent

Switchable Glass
Switchable Glass


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Smart Glass is also called switchable glass is glazing whose light transmission properties are altered when voltage, light, or heat is applied.it means switchable glass changes from transparent to translucent.

We serve the needs of more than thousands of architects, interior designers, and retailers of the glass business.

Our SWITCHABLE GLASS is manufactured using a factory process in between two toughen glass a non-adhesive switchable film is going to apply with the Eva process. This way Switchable glass provides instant privacy while maintaining the flow of lights. We can use multiple thicknesses of glass as per customer requirements. Switchable glass is operated by simple electric button or remote.

It gives you the benefits of sound and thermal which is helping the area of room keep cooling comfortable and quiet as well. It is covered your full privacy without using blinds and curtains.

We have capacity to customized maximum 6 feet x 14 feet of Smart Glass.

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Switchable Glass
  • 99% blocking lights of producing glare
  • Sharply manage Daylight
  • Keep outer view maintain and Connect to outdoor
  • Control manual & automatic

Smart Privacy Glass allows you total control over privacy without compromising light transmission. With the help of simple commands of ON and OFF, you can turn the film transparent to opaque and vice versa within a single second.

The technology used in Smart Privacy Glass allows users to immediately switch from opaque to transparent. Users can directly attach it to a transparent surface with a sticky. Our Smart Films are used on glass windows, projection screens, and other smooth surfaces. Thanks to the hassle-free installation process, Smart Privacy Glass Film is gaining popularity in the market.

Optical Performance
Parallel Light Transmission (On) (Off) >84%; <=1%:
Visible Light Transmission (On) (Off) >80%: <=50%;
Viewing angle >=140:
Turbidity < 6%:
Switching Speed < 10ms;
UV Block >=98%
Infra Block >98%
Thickness 0.20 mm, 0.40 mm, 0.54 mm
Transmittance 81%, 84% & 86.5%
Physical Properties
Working enviroment temperature -20~ + 60;
Strong ambient temperature -30~ + 70;
Size Specification 1800mm-4000mm Width 1800*4000mm
Thickness Glass Thickness * 4+4 mm, 5+5 mm, 6+6mm and higher
Scratches < 3mm/m2
- < 1.5mm/m2
Inclusion (None)
Glue Failure, Degumming, Burst (None)

Smart Switchable Glass Film is a distinctive, laminated glass comprised of one section of Switchable Transparent Film, two sections of the interlayer, and two sections of Glass. When no power is supplied, the liquid crystal droplets of the STF are in a random orientation that gives a unique opaque appearance to the film. When power is supplied, the crystals align parallel to the electric field and allows light to pass through, giving a transparent look to the film.

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When electricity is applied to the film via the wiring, the liquid crystals align and the window instantly becomes clear. When the power is turned off, the liquid crystals return to their normal scattered positions rendering the glass opaque.