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Enhancing Your Privacy Effectively
Leveraging Brilliance with Toughened & Extra Clear Glass

Switchable Glass
Switchable Glass


switchable glass technology can change the transparency of the glass through the application of voltage, light, or heat, and smart glass is a type of switchable glass that uses a film with liquid crystals sandwiched between two pieces of glass.

Smart glass has become an increasingly popular solution for modern architecture and interior design due to its energy-efficient properties and ability to control light and temperature. It can be used in a variety of applications, including windows, doors, skylights, partitions.

Our Switchable Glass is manufactured through a factory process where a non-adhesive switchable film is applied using the Eva process between two toughened glass panels. This innovative approach allows Switchable glass to offer instant privacy while preserving the natural flow of light. We can accommodate various thicknesses of glass to meet specific customer requirements. Switchable glass can be effortlessly controlled with a simple electric button or remote."

It provides you with the benefits of sound and thermal insulation, helping to maintain a comfortable and quiet environment in the room. It also ensures complete privacy without the need for blinds or curtains.

We have the capability to customize Smart Glass panels with a maximum size of 6 feet by 14 feet.

Smart Privacy Glass blocks 99% of light, reducing glare while effectively managing daylight. It enables you to maintain an outer view and stay connected to the outdoors. You can control it manually or automatically.

Smart Privacy Glass gives you complete control over your privacy without compromising on light transmission. With simple ON and OFF commands, you can switch the film from transparent to opaque and vice versa in just a second.

Switchable Glass

Our Smart Glass are commonly used on glass windows, projection screens, and other smooth surfaces. Its hassle-free installation process, Smart Privacy Glass Film is gaining popularity in the market

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Optical Performance
Parallel Light Transmission (On) (Off) >84%; <=1%:
Visible Light Transmission (On) (Off) >80%: <=50%;
Viewing angle >=140:
Turbidity < 6%:
Switching Speed < 10ms;
UV Block >=98%
Infra Block >98%
Thickness 0.20 mm, 0.40 mm, 0.54 mm
Transmittance 81%, 84% & 86.5%
Physical Properties
Working enviroment temperature -20~ + 60;
Strong ambient temperature -30~ + 70;
Size Specification 1800mm-4000mm Width 1800*4000mm
Thickness Glass Thickness * 4+4 mm, 5+5 mm, 6+6mm and higher
Scratches < 3mm/m2
- < 1.5mm/m2
Inclusion (None)
Glue Failure, Degumming, Burst (None)

Smart Switchable Glass Film is a distinctive, laminated glass comprised of one section of Switchable Transparent Film, two sections of the interlayer, and two sections of Glass. When no power is supplied, the liquid crystal droplets of the STF are in a random orientation that gives a unique opaque appearance to the film. When power is supplied, the crystals align parallel to the electric field and allows light to pass through, giving a transparent look to the film.