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Photocromic images.

Photochromic Film

An ideal choice to enhance the image quality of storefront or corporate office building displays is our RoyalTint Photochromic film. There are many options available- all of which deliver the same properties that satisfy our customers. One of such distinctive property of photochromic film is of getting dark when exposed to light with a high intensity such as UV rays. On the other hand, the film turns clear when triggering amount of light is absent.

The most important feature of these films is to minimize glare from UV rays. It's because of these amazing features of being able to block UV rays and considerably minimize glare that makes the Photochromic film the most sought-after.

  • The ultimate ability to block glare, infrared and UV light while providing the best view.
  • Provides an excellent insulation effect to regulate temperature effectively.

The property of photochromic compounds to become transparent by a thermal process helps the Photochromic film to become darker or lighter when exposed to high intensity or low-intensity light. This thermal process is known as ‘temperature dependency' and prevents this film from becoming view-blocking dark during extremely hot weather. On the other hand, the film will become significantly darker in cold weather. Because in the absence of a sufficient amount of activating the light, a cold film will take more time to respond than a warm film. The RoyalTint Photochromic window film effectively filters 99% UVA light along with UVB and helps prevent causes sunburn and skin cancer.