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84% Transparency


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Highest Transparancy 92% & 5 Years Warranty
Controlling the opacity from clear to translucent

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Royal Tint Switchable film Series refers to a type of innovative film technology that can transform transparent surfaces, such a glass, into opaque ot translucent surface at the flip of a switch.

The technology works by using a layer of liquid crystal molecules that can change their orientation when an electric current is applied, allowing the film to swtich from transparent to opaque.

The Switchable Film Series comes in different varieties, such as self-adhesive films, retrofit films, New generations of the switchable film include low haze and colors that include: milky white, grey, blue, Black, Yellow.

We serve the needs of more than a thousand architects, interior designers, and retailers of the glass business.

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The Grey Switchable Film Series offers solar control and privacy. The grey switchable film variant known as a grey colour switchable film has a grey AB Glue when it is Opaque. This tint can improve privacy and minimise glare in a room while letting in some natural lights.

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product images.
Product Size Switchable Smart Film
Thickness Total thickness(without protection film) 0.47mm
PDLC 0.38mm
AB glue 90um
PE protation film 35um
PET release film 50um
Sheet Width 1000,1200,1500,1800(mm)
Length According to customer requirements
Roll Width 1020,1220,1520,1850(mm)
Length 50m/Roll
Photoelectric Performance Switchable Smart Film
Items ON/OFF Test Methods/Standards
Opearating voltage ON 60V Multimeter/voltage Regulator,WGW
Power Consumption ON 5W/m2 Multi-parameter electric measuring instrumet
UV blocking rate OFF 90C Optical transmittance teaster
Infrared blocking rate OFF 60C
Response time OFF-ON 30ms Liquid crystal parameter integrated tester
OFF-ON 200ms
Operating temperature -- 30C ~95C Constant temperature and humaidity testing machine
Lifetime -- 10 years GB18910.5 - 2008
Switching times -- 1million times Self-made on/off tester


Switchable Films are also commonly referred to as smart films, smart glass films, electrochromic films, or switchable privacy films. Switchable Film advantage is eliminates the need for blinds, shades or window treatments. Switchable films worked as a Projection Screen for advertising for both front and rear-view. In oerder to provide energy efficiency,privacy, and glare reduction,switchable films are utilised in a variety of application, such as homes,bussiness, car, and aeroplanes.

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Product Transparency/Haze Switchable Smart Film
Transparencey Full light tester Parallel Light tester
ON/OFF Haze Full light transmittance b value 45light Parallel light
Premium OFF 94.56 81.87 5.93 / /
ON 4.73 84.68 3.77 58.16 83.43
Ultimate OFF 94.67 82.45 6.97 / /
ON 3.54 87.34 4.69 60.3 85.45
Max OFF 94.58 85.51 7.25 / /
ON 3.56 90.34 4.8 63.76 87.7

Privacy & Security

To protect Your Privacy and security, You can control it to be transparent or opaque at any time. Make your space more malleable, choose open or private at will.

Energy Efficiency

Smart films can be used to reduce energy consumption by controlling the amount of heat and light that enters a Area.


Compared with ordinary glass, the anti-noise ability of glass using royal tint smart film is Increased by 20%

Cooling & UV Protection

Smart films can regulate the amount of heat and light that enters a building, reducing energy consumption and saving costs on heating and cooling systems.

Protection & Entertainment

Excellent image effects will be achieved Watch movies through a high-definition projector that enables multi-touch to the film.

Various Control Methods

In order to meet your various needs, you can choose your preferred control method: remote control, wired control, etc.

Exploring the Diverse Application Areas of Switchable Film

Privacy Windows
Conference Room
Retail Display

Hospital & Health Care
Skylight & Rooftop
Projection Screen

Museum & Art Conversation
Residential building Doors