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PNLC Switchable Glass, also called adverse PDLC Glass. Different from natural PDLC Switchable glass, the working principle of PNLC glass is opaque power on, clear power off.

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Benefits of PNLC Glass


Privacy & Security: You can choose whether it is transparent or opaque at any time to safeguard your security and privacy. Increase the adaptability of your place by making it either private or open at will.


Energy Efficiency: By regulating the amount of heat and light that enters an area, PNLC Glass can help save energy usage.


Cooling & UV protection: By controlling the amount of light and heat that enters a building, PNLC Glass can lower energy usage and save money on air conditioning and heating systems.


Operations System: Domotics, Remote control, Smart phone, Dimmer, Switch, Motion sensor

Description of PNLC Glass

Offers superior clarity and image quality compared to other smart film technologies. It provides a high contrast ratio and exceptional visual performance in both transparent and opaque states. Can be used as a rear projection screen, and can be used in diverse settings, including offices, conference rooms, healthcare facilities, and residential areas. PNLC Film is known for its compatibility with curved glass surfaces, making it suitable for installations where PDLC film may pose challenges.

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